Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Fake Smile

 "Hi, how are you?" I always smile and answer : "Fine, thankyou" if someone asked me that question. Eventhough sometimes that's not true. Eventhough sometimes I feel sick, sad, has a burden, has problems, or feel exhausted. A fake smile and a fine-thankyou answer are so simple that people won't ask what's wrong with you. Telling people that you are sick or not in good mood will lead them to ask you a story. A story of your sickness, a story of your burden, or a story of your problems. And telling the story will remind me of those bad things that make me not fine. I'm also afraid that people will judge me as "a person who like to complain about anything". Beside that, I don't want to spend their time to heard a sad story. So I choose to fake a smile and pretend that everything is okay.

A few days ago I listened to a short simple sermon from a pastor. He said it's okay to say that you not feel so well if you feel so, we are not a perfect people that strong and always feel great. After a deep long thought, I agree with him. We only human with all our limitations. Problems come as long as we have breath. Sometimes we feel suck, we feel sick, we feel bored, we feel not fine! It's okay to express that feeling as long as you remember that you have God that care about you. You have family and friends who love you. Don't buried all you problems for your own. Pray to God. Speak tou your family or friend. Wise people said problems that already told, half solved. But still, I'm tempted with the fake smile and fine-thankyou answers.

I'm sorry for being so dramatic, guys. But sometimes keep smiling can make you feel better. Even if that the fake one. LOL. I hope you all have a great weekend! XOXO.


  1. Vanesa, I think we ALL feel like that sometimes and do that. Sometimes you just don't feel like talking about something going on in your life. That Pastor was right on with his message. The only thing is if problems persist for an extended period, I don't think it's good to bottle them up for that long. I think then you should talk to someone. But in the meantime, prayer and discussion with God is always helpful. Love your accessories! Especially your headband, belt and ring. Have an awesome weekend. :)

  2. You look so cute, love all the items from this post. Also, it's okay not to be okay and there are times when it's better to smile than explain why we're sad. There are just times when words don't work but silence does. And of course, it's just a phase. :)

  3. always give ur best smile to each other dear, it'll makes you happy.
    by the way love your top

  4. @Sassy and Chyrel : Thankyou for your thoughts.I think it will work for me: to choose which story that I want to tell and which ones to tell just by a smile, ^^

    Alyysa : Yes alyysa, I will always give my best smile =) =) =)