Monday, November 28, 2011

Take a Break

Hi all! How are you guys doing? I'm so busy lately for christmas preparation, the english and korean lesson, my job, and other activities. So tired but so excited for every activity that I'm doing. I thought I need a break. So in my little freetime, I did photoshoot with (as usual) with my lovely sister from the sweetest escape at little pasture near our house. I also used my new lomo! Lomokino, the movie maker. But, latter my sister and I realize that we did some mistake in using that lomo. Hahaha. It's okay, we will try again that lomokino and I will show the result from the lomo on my next post.
                                               When life's streesed you out, take a break!
                                                               And take a breathe!
                                                             Do your leisure activity
Maybe do yoga and meditation?
Or stepping on the grass and feel the wind in your face
But the most important think is....drink your favourite milk flavor!LOL

and of course do some experiment with your new toy!

Have a nice break so you can go back with new spirit to your daily routine life. See you again soon ^^.


  1. Sweet outfit! I love your top and that hat! It has a cute vintage appeal. Love that picnic basket too. :)

  2. adorable outfit .... <3 <3

  3. looks like the perfect day for a picnic! that hat on you looks wonderful. your outfit is super cute too. great photos. :)