Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat

Happy Haloween for those who celebrate!

Black dress from Montgomery Boutique, Jacket from Stradivarius, Cat Hat from Zara, Heels from Charles and Keith.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Goes On

Our life is like giant ferris wheel; turning around and round. Slowly but sure. Sometimes we are in the top where success, love, and everything working so damn good. But sometimes all that we have gone, all that we do is totally failed. That's a very common thing about life and i'm pretty sure everyone has proved it. What happened, happening, or will happen in life, in the matter of fact are less important that our reaction to face that. To face life. People maybe hate and underestimate you, or maybe you are disappointed with people. Maybe your business or work not going so well. Maybe you feel depressed. Maybe your dreams broken into pieces. Maybe you are afraid and feel lonely. Maybe you think you have the worst life that someone could ever have. Yap, maybe you feel life sucks. 
But you know what? FACED IT! Be brave and strong. Forgive people and forgive yourself. Give thanks for everything in every condition. Keep dreaming and make it come true. Always do your best.
Because no matter what happened, LIFE GOES ON. Don't make a pity to yourself , get up and live! You are worth it. =)

Printed Legging

Meet my new favorite fashion item : printed leggings! They were matched with over size tee or plain top like mine. Grab it on WINSCLOTHINGLINE. Kindly check their items at instagram : @winsclothingline. These leggings are so comfortable to wear. Keep you cool even in sunny day. Made with very good quality. WINSLINE CLOTHING have unique motif like this galaxy legging. Which one is your favorite? You tell me =)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Most Favourite Destination : Singapore

Photos taken by iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Camera
Places : Bugis, Universal Studio Singapore, Youth Park, ClarkQuay, Chinese Garden