Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A picture is worth a thousands words

Couple days ago, I cleaned up my room and found some photos. There are photos from babyhood, childhood, elementary, junior, and high school, and also from my years at university! A lot of photos make me laugh and smile. A lot a memory are brought back to my brain. It's funny how a picture can tell a story. They don't speak any words but we can hear enough from them.

If you someday found a photos you will found may be the person in that picture still close with you, some go somewhere, some you don't know where are they now, some may be have passed away. You can see the expression of the people in that photos. You don't know are they still feel the same now. But i thing for sure. The memories. And the stories.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


After Singapore, the next is Brunomars!!!
Me and my sister and my 2 friends watched is concert.

There was so crowded.The audiences were crazy!and Brunomars was awesome!


On 29th-31th March, me,my sister,and one my sister's friend went to Singapore. We were being kind of delivery service like TIKI. HAHA. But it was fun! We stayed at Marina Bay Sand Hotel then moved to Orchard Hotel.

                                                       At Marina Bay Sand Hotel

                                                                  At Orchard Hotel

We watche LionKing Broadway Musical.It was so magical and breathtaking.The customes are so W-O-W!

                                                           My Crazy Sister as Simba

We also visited our cousins. She has been sick and stayed at Singapore for doing the medical teratment.

                                                      Get Well Soon,Ita.We Love You!

And beside that we also ate ate and ate. But we also walked walked and walked. And off course some weight lifted for shopping stuff and "titipan" stuff.HAHAHA.So we don't gain any weight ^^. At least me. I don't know about 2 other girls but i think they don't either.