Monday, October 15, 2012

Dazzling Sparkling Night with Lux

It's every woman's dream to have a fair and perfect skin. Through the bright and smooth skin, every woman will feel comfortable, precious, and confident to do anything in every aspects of her life.  Lux understand that. Therefore, Lux launched its new products : Lux White Glamour and Lux White Radiance. Lux White Glamour can remove dead skin cells and maintain the skin softness. Lux White Radiance can make your skin glowing.
In this special event and campaign, Lux collaborate with Preciosa. Preciosa is a crystalline product company from Czech Republic. Preciosa share the same value with Lux, that is to make every women glowing, outside and inside. Lux also invite every woman in Indonesia to share their "Momen Berkilau". "Momen Berkilau" is the sparkling moment when a woman reach success or an important moment in her life. Maybe it can be a big thing, but it also can be a simple ordinary thing. Every woman who want to share their "Momen Berkliau" could give their application at Facebook Lux or Twitter @LUX_ID, start from 15 October until 25 November 2012. Lux and Preciosa give out unique crystals for every brave woman to show the world their potentials and talents. Lux also prepare lot of prizes, one of them is Dazzling White Cruise Holiday.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's inspire the world with your sparkling moment! Be beautiful, be sparkling, be dazzling, be glowing with Lux.