Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmas Celebration

Finally! The Christmas celebration held on 24 and 25 of December 2011. I participated to tone up the celebration. Woke up at 2 am in the morning to got our make up done, ate ate and ate, took a LOT OF PICTURES, laughed, slept, and played some games during waiting time at the backstage. Through this Christmas celebration, I got a chance to know some new people. They are crazy, funny, freak, and adorable. I love them very much and miss them already now! I really thank God that I got the best Christmas gift in my life : new brothers, sisters, and aunties. I got a new family. Please take a look the backstage photos of our Christmas Celebration ^^. Enjoy.

I hope you all had a great Christmas celebration too! How's your new year eve plan? I'm not sure about mine. There will be traffic jam everywhere. But the willing to gather with all my friends will defeat my laziness about the jam *I hope*. See you on my next post. XOXO.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Lunch

Yesterday, my sister and I went to Nanny's Pavillon Bandung. After finished our job and after the long hours traffic jam, finally we reached the Nanny's. My sister want to try their special Christmas menu. And it is only 5 days before Christmas, so I consider it as Christmas lunch ^^.
Lunch Menu : Salad and Melon Juice =)

Snowman Pancake for dessert! Yummy!
The tired-happy face
 How's your Christmas weekend guys? Busy and fun I suppose. Have a nice day everyone! Keep your Christmas spirit up! ^^

Friday, December 16, 2011

I Wish God Had A Blackberry

Dear God,
I wish You had a blackberry. And add me as Your friend. I think it will be cool if we can black-berry-messenger each other everyday. I can get Your messages more clearly. I can read again if I forget. I know that You can have a millon blackberry-as many as You want and all the types You want. But You are too simple and humble to have even just one. Because You don't want to connect with me just through blackberry. You want me to come to You and talk directly. You want me to pray. 
I pray, God. Everyday. But sometimes I'm too deaf to hear You. Sometimes I'm not sensitive enough to know what You want me to do. But I won't stop praying, God. I will pray until I hear Your voice. I will pray until something happen. And if I have heard Your voice, I will still pray and always do what You want me to do.
You want me to read Bible. But sometimes I can't understand what it's mean, God. But I won't stop reading Bible. I will read it many times until I understand. And if I have understood, I will keep reading it again and again. 
Thankyou for my life, God. I love You and I know You love me more than I do. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life With No Regret

 As a human, we sometimes make mistakes. Well, in my case, many times. After we made a mistake, there come a regret. Why did we do that? And then we wish that we have time machine, go back to the past and prevent ourslef doing that mistake. But we CAN'T turn back the time. We never can. Time runs forward. We catch up with time, so we also must walk forward. Let all the mistakes that we have made in the past be lessons for us. Let it be a good reflection for us so we won't make the same mistakes like we did in the past. We make mistakes and all we can do is fix things as best as we can. And then, continue your life. Life goes on. So, let us think well and deeply before we do something. What the consequences and risks that we will face if we do certain thing. Think before you act. Have a nice day pals. ^^

"Entah bagaimana dalam perjalanan kehidupan, kamu belajar tentang dirimu sendiri dan menyadari bahwa penyesalan tidak seharusnya ada. Yang ada hanyalah penghargaan abadi atas pilihan kehidupan yang telah kamu buat." (Kahlil Gibran)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Feet

Hello you,you,you and you! I guess you guys are busy doing all Christmas things, aren't you? Christmas is coming nearer and nearer. It's next week! Time runs so fast. I can't wait for Christmas ^^
Yesterday my sister and my mom came back from Singapore and they brought a lot of gifts for me *so happy* Today me and my sister did a sisters-dating. We went to TBI (English course place) for getting a make up test for my sister. Because she went to singapore so she couldn't come to do the test. But unfortunately she should make an appointment before, so we will be back on Friday for the make up test. After that, we went to Instax Shop Icon, to buy some stuffs for my friends. And I bought lomo. Again. It's a cool gold fish eye lomo that I couldn't resist! We continued our trip to Paris Van Java mall. We ate at Pepper Lunch and watched Happy Feet. 

Lunch at Pepper Lunch

My unhappy feet *because one of my toe is puffed-up. Can you guys guess which one?

I really like the movie. There are some good messages in Happy Feet. Even if people underestimate you, or not count you or ignore you, don't care about that. Just believe in yourself, because you are special and can make something big. You can make a difference. And sometimes you need to step back to reach your goal. I'm kinda falling in love with the krill gay couple, Bill and Will. They are just too funny. The songs also really good. You guys must watch this movie.  Have a good night everybody! See you on the next post!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Under The Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner guys. I'm so excited! I have  the Christmas tree already at home. The Christmas atmosphere is very pronounced here in Indonesia. Every shop, every mall, every restaurant, every supermaket - where ever I go- has Christmas decoration. This morning I did the photoshoot with my sisters and the Christmas tree.
Christmas usually identical with santa, gifts, party, reindeer, and other Christmas things. It's not wrong, of course. I also enjoy that stuffs. But don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is about family and friends. And especially Christmas is about Jesus and His greatest love for us. Have a great Friday! XOXO

                                                          Merry Early Christmas ^^