Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thailand, We're in Love!

Sawatdeekah! Hi again! Just came back from vacation few days ago. I went to Thailand and I want to share some pictures and information about that country.

Killing time at the airport while waiting for our flight. We arrived too early at the airport.

These are some pictures in airport. Me and my boyfriend accidentally using the same outfit even our baggage are the same. 

  Touch down, Bangkok!

We went to Bangkok from Jakarta. Departed in Soekarno-Hatta airport Jakarta. The new terminal, which is terminal 3 in Soekarno-Hatta airport is really nice. We were flying by mandala airline, partnering with tiger airline. We landed safely at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok.

The nice spot in the Baiyoke Sky hotel. Seems like they giving this spot for taking pictures.

The view from our room at the 34th floor.

Blur pictures from Baiyoke Sky rooftop at 84th floor. Crazy mixed between beautiful view, wind, and crazy disco ball.

We were staying at Baiyoke Sky hotel. It is the tallest hotel in Bangkok. And they offered nice price too. We book for regular room but when we checked in the rooms are full so they upgrade our room into suite room for free! Lucky us. The room is quite big. We can play hide and seek in there.

At Mini Siam

At Floating Market

The first day we went to Pattaya. It is only 2 hours by car from Bangkok. The first stop was Mini Siam. At Mini Siam you can find world famous buildings. The next stop was Pattaya floating market. You can buy souvenirs and lot off stuff there. They sell street food too. Some of them taste so unique and little strange in my opinion. After that we were window shopping at mall before watching Big Eye Show. There are a lot of show in Pattaya. Alcazar, Tiffany and Big Eye are the famous ones. Alcazar and Tiffany are drag queen show. Big eye is.......How can I explain this show. It is basically a shocking show for me and my friends. They all naked from top to bottom!!! They have boobs but also have dicks!!! They're doing sex in the stage!!!They came to us and show up theirs from close!!! OH MY GOD. I was trapped. I guessed big eye was a drag queen show. My sister drunk medicine after the show. She was so dizzy and I think she's not exaggerated it.  After that show we eat delicious seafood and came back to Bangkok.

It was an extreme hot day but we still exited to shop!

The second day we went to Chatucak. Thai people call it JJ market. JJ stand for Jatujak. The two names are right. They sell everything there. Start from clothes, bag, casing for handphone, until animal. I recommend you just go to specific section because Chatucak is very big. Chatucak only open  on Saturday from 9 AM until 6 PM. But almost stores are open at 10 AM and close at 3 or 4 PM. Almost everything is cheap, especially if you buy in large of number. Shop till you drop!

At Grand Palace

At Wat Po

The next day, we went to Grand Palace and Wat Po. The Grand Palace complex wast establish in 1782. It covers an area of 218,000 square meters and is surrounded by walls, 1900 meters in length. I love the architecture of the Grand Palace. Then we walked to Wat Po, the place of Reclining Buddha. The Buddha is 45 meters long! He is so breathtaking and magnificent. These 2 palaces are recommended if you want to go to Thailand. If you want to go to temple, you are not allowed wearing tank op, shorts, mini skirts, and sandal.

Thai food are nice. Some delicious but some not too good for me. Some feel funny and unique. These two foods is delicious, pad thai and mango sticky rice! Tom yam also very yummy. Almost all Thai food spicy and sour.

The night after Grand Palace and Wat Po, we went to asiatique. It is a riverfront open air mall. The view is really pretty. Lots of store and restaurant there. You can also ridding boat. 

The last day in Thailand, we went to the famous wax house : Madam Tussaud

Thank you for this, Steve

With our first president of Indonesia, Soekarno

Thailand was so fun! Thai people can speak english but not so good. Some of them can not speak english at all. Just using body language as usual. If you use taxi, use the one that has meter. Or they can charge you so expensive. You can also using BTS. Tuk tuk not really recommended but you can try if you want. 

Thats all for me, Kobkunkah! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nippon Japan

Hello May! And hi you all amazing people! How are you doing? I hope you all doing great.
This my vacation diary from my holiday on Japan on April. Please take a look and enjoy it.

At Ueno Park

At Asakusa Temple

The Tokyo Tower (333m)

Make sure that you buy this : Tokyo Banana

At DisneySea

At Ginza

Don't forget to buy all kit kat flavor! All of them are delicious

Japan Photo Box. This one make your eyes and lips bigger!

Staying at resort before going to the mount Fuji on the next day. We were wearing Yukata!

So the resort is actually near the sea. This is the outside of the room

At Gotenba Factory outlet. Branded stuff with low discount price. And you also have extra discount if you are from another country, just show your passport.

At 2020 m in Fuji Mountain. Coulnd't give any good pose because it freaking cold there.

At Lake Kawaguchi

Shinkansen, the bullet train

At Kyoumizu Temple, the oldest temple in Japan

At Heian Shrine

At Nara Deer Park

And finally the last day at Universal Studio

Japan was so wonderful. It is an independent, clean and discipline country. The people is very kind. Only few of them can speak english but the amazing thing is we can understand each other. Well that's all for me. Good night from Indonesia!

"It is sometimes useful to see how things happen elsewhere. We learn a lot of things that we would never even have thought at home." -Jules and Charles Heuer