Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nippon Japan

Hello May! And hi you all amazing people! How are you doing? I hope you all doing great.
This my vacation diary from my holiday on Japan on April. Please take a look and enjoy it.

At Ueno Park

At Asakusa Temple

The Tokyo Tower (333m)

Make sure that you buy this : Tokyo Banana

At DisneySea

At Ginza

Don't forget to buy all kit kat flavor! All of them are delicious

Japan Photo Box. This one make your eyes and lips bigger!

Staying at resort before going to the mount Fuji on the next day. We were wearing Yukata!

So the resort is actually near the sea. This is the outside of the room

At Gotenba Factory outlet. Branded stuff with low discount price. And you also have extra discount if you are from another country, just show your passport.

At 2020 m in Fuji Mountain. Coulnd't give any good pose because it freaking cold there.

At Lake Kawaguchi

Shinkansen, the bullet train

At Kyoumizu Temple, the oldest temple in Japan

At Heian Shrine

At Nara Deer Park

And finally the last day at Universal Studio

Japan was so wonderful. It is an independent, clean and discipline country. The people is very kind. Only few of them can speak english but the amazing thing is we can understand each other. Well that's all for me. Good night from Indonesia!

"It is sometimes useful to see how things happen elsewhere. We learn a lot of things that we would never even have thought at home." -Jules and Charles Heuer 


  1. I want to visit Japan so badly but it's so far from the UK :'( Oh well, perhaps one day in the future! Come check out my blog if you like ~ Perhaps we can follow eachother?

    -Emily xx