Monday, December 5, 2011

The Magic that Little Children Have

Last Sunday my mom, my sister, and went to Rumah Kayu on Bumi Gading Serpong, Tangerang Indonesia for my lsweet little niece birthday party. 
The birthday girl, Klara ^^
 So glad to meet all aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews, and nieces that came to the birthday party. There were some kids on that party : my nephews and nieces, also Klara's friends. I always love little children. They always bring magic for me. Their purity,their innocent face,their laughs,their silly actions, their spirit, their voice. Interact with little kids make me feel younger, make me feel better, make me forget all the problems that I have for a while. It's like getting freshness and enlighment. Let's meet some of them.
Do not know the name but she is so cute
This is Jemima! Well, she is not a little kid anymore but her presence definitely always bring happiness =)
The Kids <3
 Happy second birthday Klara! Enjoy your childhood darling. And for all my nephews and nieces (and cousin): Thankyou for cheering up this world. Don't grow up too fast guys. Love you all. ^^


  1. happy birthday klara..cutee anakanaknya saudara stevia ya? mirip bgttt sungguh.. and have a same taste of fashion jg :D lets do follow and link yuk :P btw thank you for sweet comment.

  2. They are ALL adorable! Wonderful event! Kid's bring FUN and JOY into our lives.

  3. @Anita : Iyaaa,aku kakaknya stevia =) Aku udah follow kamu ^^

    @Chyrel : Thankyouuu, Family is a treasure ^^

    @Sassy : Agree!!!I love kidsssss ^^

  4. Sissy, they don't really come back to check your answers. Hihi. It's best to comment on their latest post to answer their questions

    Be good while I'm away tomorrow. Don't study and practice to hard. Minum tolak angin! I know it tastes bad (for you) but it's really the best and natural vitamin!

    Lots of L-O-V-E

    Little Sis