Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life With No Regret

 As a human, we sometimes make mistakes. Well, in my case, many times. After we made a mistake, there come a regret. Why did we do that? And then we wish that we have time machine, go back to the past and prevent ourslef doing that mistake. But we CAN'T turn back the time. We never can. Time runs forward. We catch up with time, so we also must walk forward. Let all the mistakes that we have made in the past be lessons for us. Let it be a good reflection for us so we won't make the same mistakes like we did in the past. We make mistakes and all we can do is fix things as best as we can. And then, continue your life. Life goes on. So, let us think well and deeply before we do something. What the consequences and risks that we will face if we do certain thing. Think before you act. Have a nice day pals. ^^

"Entah bagaimana dalam perjalanan kehidupan, kamu belajar tentang dirimu sendiri dan menyadari bahwa penyesalan tidak seharusnya ada. Yang ada hanyalah penghargaan abadi atas pilihan kehidupan yang telah kamu buat." (Kahlil Gibran)


  1. I love Kahlik Gibran. And we all learn from our mistakes. I love your red blazer and dainty dress, Vanessa! :)

  2. my fav outfit from you so far.bandonya itu dari mana? lucu!!

  3. I always enjoy reading your messages. You are so wise beyond your years. They're truly beautiful. I love your outfit. That coral is beautiful against that white and your headband is precious.

  4. I am in love with your headpiece.. I need one too....


  5. sometimes we laugh sometimes we cry
    it's just an act we have to play
    sometimes we ask sometimes we receive
    without understanding the reasons
    sometimes we take sometimes we give
    give it with all sincerity
    sometimes a blessing sometimes a temptation
    we have to accept without question mark
    sometimes we celebrate sometimes we mourn
    like a movie scene we have to take
    because life and death is just a show
    and we are just actors
    ...not the director

  6. that is a beautiful dress! <33