Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Feet

Hello you,you,you and you! I guess you guys are busy doing all Christmas things, aren't you? Christmas is coming nearer and nearer. It's next week! Time runs so fast. I can't wait for Christmas ^^
Yesterday my sister and my mom came back from Singapore and they brought a lot of gifts for me *so happy* Today me and my sister did a sisters-dating. We went to TBI (English course place) for getting a make up test for my sister. Because she went to singapore so she couldn't come to do the test. But unfortunately she should make an appointment before, so we will be back on Friday for the make up test. After that, we went to Instax Shop Icon, to buy some stuffs for my friends. And I bought lomo. Again. It's a cool gold fish eye lomo that I couldn't resist! We continued our trip to Paris Van Java mall. We ate at Pepper Lunch and watched Happy Feet. 

Lunch at Pepper Lunch

My unhappy feet *because one of my toe is puffed-up. Can you guys guess which one?

I really like the movie. There are some good messages in Happy Feet. Even if people underestimate you, or not count you or ignore you, don't care about that. Just believe in yourself, because you are special and can make something big. You can make a difference. And sometimes you need to step back to reach your goal. I'm kinda falling in love with the krill gay couple, Bill and Will. They are just too funny. The songs also really good. You guys must watch this movie.  Have a good night everybody! See you on the next post!


  1. omg we should meet up :) ia aku di els and kenal glen deket kok.. kok bisa tau? wah small world!!!

  2. you girls look so cute and love your sandals. :)

    haven't seen the movie, though.

  3. Great sister pics, food and I love your sandals. They're so pretty! Ohhh nooo about your toe.