Friday, December 9, 2011

Under The Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner guys. I'm so excited! I have  the Christmas tree already at home. The Christmas atmosphere is very pronounced here in Indonesia. Every shop, every mall, every restaurant, every supermaket - where ever I go- has Christmas decoration. This morning I did the photoshoot with my sisters and the Christmas tree.
Christmas usually identical with santa, gifts, party, reindeer, and other Christmas things. It's not wrong, of course. I also enjoy that stuffs. But don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is about family and friends. And especially Christmas is about Jesus and His greatest love for us. Have a great Friday! XOXO

                                                          Merry Early Christmas ^^


  1. I love red and you girls look so chic! :)

  2. Vanessa, I love your message. It's so easy to get caught up in the material stuff, but we should not lose sight. Love your pics with your sister! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy! Beautiful post!