Friday, December 16, 2011

I Wish God Had A Blackberry

Dear God,
I wish You had a blackberry. And add me as Your friend. I think it will be cool if we can black-berry-messenger each other everyday. I can get Your messages more clearly. I can read again if I forget. I know that You can have a millon blackberry-as many as You want and all the types You want. But You are too simple and humble to have even just one. Because You don't want to connect with me just through blackberry. You want me to come to You and talk directly. You want me to pray. 
I pray, God. Everyday. But sometimes I'm too deaf to hear You. Sometimes I'm not sensitive enough to know what You want me to do. But I won't stop praying, God. I will pray until I hear Your voice. I will pray until something happen. And if I have heard Your voice, I will still pray and always do what You want me to do.
You want me to read Bible. But sometimes I can't understand what it's mean, God. But I won't stop reading Bible. I will read it many times until I understand. And if I have understood, I will keep reading it again and again. 
Thankyou for my life, God. I love You and I know You love me more than I do. 


  1. God works in His mysterious ways

  2. He always gives you an answer. Sometimes we may not like the answer or it's not what we want, but it's in our best interest. He can always see further. :)

  3. oh dear, I wish He has one too, but you know what the good news is, God always hear our prayers, He knows what we wish and He knows what we need. Remember always do ASAP (Always Say A Prayer), cheer up, ci Van (: