Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Hero

Hi all! How are you doing? I know it is almost midnight but I just can't sleep so I decided to write here. The dawn will be come in a few minutes. 9th November will be turn to 10th November. 10th November is remembered as "Hari Pahlawan" in Indonesia. "Hari Pahlawan" means "Heroe's Day". It may be a little weird to translate that phrase into english. Basically, ``Hari Pahlawan`` exist to remember all Indonesian Heroes in the past who defend and fight for this country. The freedom that Indonesian get, it`s really because of them.

Few days ago, I took some photos with this outfit. This dress is made from batik fabric that was given from my friends (they are a kindest twins that I`ve ever met). This style remind me of my elementary teacher. They always wear batik and looked smart. In Indonesia, teachers are called ``Pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa``. Well, I will not translate it in english but I will explain to you what It`s mean. The teachers are called like that because they have a tough work but their salary not as much as other proffesions. For me, the teachers are really heroes. I can`t imagine if there were no teachers that want to teach us. Stupidity everywhere. The teachers give us their most precious treasure : knowledges. Maybe some of them fierce and fussy. But all they have done is for our own goodness. What makes the teachers happy is not high salary. Not a gift from the parents of their students. But what only can make they happy is to see their students become a successful people. They don`t ask anything else. Thankyou for all the teachers and lecturers who have taught me. Who make me who I am today. Thankyou so much.

Hero not should always die in the battlefield. Hero not should always fight the crime like superman or batman. Your hero can be your parents, your teachers, your friends, or someone elses. Be inspired by your hero. Then be a hero for someone else. Be a hero for your country. Because there`s a hero lies in your soul, wait to come out and make a victory.

Selamat Hari Pahlawan buat pahlawan-pahlawanku : Semua guru-guru dan dosen-dosen yang sudah pernah mengajarku dengan kesabaran, kasih sayang, bentakan, kecerewetan, air mata, dan keringat. Please don`t ever tired to fight the stupidity.


  1. Hello Vanessa! Found you through your elder's sister blog. It's basically the same setting here in my country. My mom's a teacher too and also think they're the unsung heroes. The pay is low that's why it's really a noble job. I would have wanted to teach but I'm stuck with modernization. Employed in the BPO and an American employer.

    Maybe, someday I will.

    Pretty dress and you look as pretty as your sister. :)

  2. that's a lovely green dress! you look great in it.

  3. @Ade and Teddi : Thankyou =)
    @Chyrel : Thanks Chyrel. I hope you will someday!hahahaha