Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy November

Time moves so fast! It`s like just yesterday we greeted each others a happy new year. And now here we are in November. Just two months before year 2012. Rain is falling almost everyday in Indonesia. I`m kind of like this weather. Rain gives you so much inspiration to write. Or maybe it is just because the cool temprature that makes your brain cool enough to think clearly.
I want to share with you some random things in the first week of this lovely November.

 1st November is my grandmother`s birthday. She is 87 years old now. Still strong and still health! Super grandma! God with you always.

 My friend who just came from Malaysia give me A LOT OF CHOCOLATES as a gift. This is my favourite! It is a kind of him to bring me a gift but I think he also want to make me fat! LOL.

Last saturday, my friends and I went to Motzen at Dago Pakar. We ate, chatted, and played  ``Saboter`` game. It`s used a pack of cards. Basically about team work where the good guys must find gold and the saboters must preclude the gold seekers. I`m addicted and could`t stop playing it. Looking forward to play it again with you guys.

I found this funny things at my english course class. My class mates wrote this when I were absent. Maybe this is can`t help you to avoid someone. Some are funny and some are too harsh I think.

I`m also taking Korean course. And last friday I just did my speaking test. Which`s totally and completely a mess! I don`t know how the result is. Learning korean languanges is not as easy as I imagined.

My beautiful friend treated us for celebrating her birthday on 31th Octotober. We came to her home, made a surprise. The cake is not an ordinary birthday cake. It`s my new invention. Salad  ``cake``. We gave her salad where we put mashed potatoes in the middle to stick on the birthday candles. We gave them salad because that food represenst her slim body. And she really like eating salad. I should follow her! LOL. Happy birthday to you once again Cheery. Have a healthy and happy year ahead.

Well, that`s what happened to me lately. Good night everybody! Have a dreamy night everybody.

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