Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just The Way You Are?

Hello adorable people! How's life treat you these days? I hope you all fine. I'm welcoming November with my new hair. Yes. I'm straighten my hair. Because my ordinary hair is so messy. I'm like just woke up from my sleep with my old hair. Even if I have brushed it. So I decided to changed it. How do you think? I know my family and my friends love me with my new hair, and they also still love me even if I'm still with my messy helpless hair. But I just want to changed it. Some of my friends do not realize that I starighten my hair, though I'm just feel good about my new hair.

It is so sweet and relieve if  your family and your friends accept you just the way you are. It is so good that you are proud to be yourself. But that doesn't mean that changes are prohibited. Sometimes people have wrong ideas about this thing. Changes are needed. Of course I'm talking about positif changes. Don't trapped in the same old you. Nobody's perfect in this world. Maybe we have some bad habits that must be eliminated. Maybe we have some hobies that we really like but we are not so good in it, then practice! Practice maybe not make it perfect, but practice definitely will make your skill better. And I think it is all right if you want to change your physical apperance. But I'm personally not agree about plastic surgery. It's too extrim. I mean like dress smarter, have a new hair cut, or build some muscles maybe? People said inner beauty is important. I do think so, but your outer beauty is also important too. It's also okay to go on diet as long as for the health reason. Be beautiful inside and outside!
Maintain all the goods things that you have in you. That what the word "stay the same" mean. Try to get rid of all bad things that you have.Step out from your comfort zone. In the process of changes, don't loose yourself. Take it easy. Don`t forced it and don't too harsh on yourself. Changes need time. Some people need short time, some people need quite a long time. Challenge yourself to be better everyday. Have an exciting day everyone!

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