Saturday, October 29, 2011

Youth Will Never Die

Have you ever felt that you are getting older,older and older everyday? Eventhough just one day passed since yesterday? The fact that you are more easily tired now than in the past. The fact that you are the oldest one in your english class. The fact that your nieces and nephews have grown up so much. The fact that everyone ask when will you get married? The fact that you often attended your high school friend's wedding lately. I have. That makes me so insecured and scared. Will my hair turn on white? Will wrinkles appeared on my face? Will my body getting weak? Will I have more complicated problems? Life is more simple when I was a kid.
Until someday I read a very great poem about youth. I will share some words for you. Here we go.

             What makes us grown ups anyway? Let's search for the moment..........

                 When youth betrayed itself to age, let the children play in your heart always
       Remember the meaning of playing out in the rain, we swim in the youth timeless maze
I will not let go of that youthful soul!

Because despite body and mind, youth will never die!

My hair will turn white. Wrinkles will appear on my face and entire body. My body will getting weak because of age. So what? As long as you always have that youthful soul, you will always young.  Age is just a number. And I also realize one thing : I'm 23 years old now, I have grown up. This fact is show that God has guided and accompanied me for 23 years! How faithful He is.
Growing up and getting older are amazing thing! You will meet your life partner, getting married, have adorable children, build a family, have grandchildren and getting older (again) with your husband until death tears you apart. These are the circle of life. I don't worry anymore now. I will have older face, weaker body, grown up mind, but that youthfoul soul always stay in me.

Behind the scene : I did the photoshoot with my sister from the sweetest escape. Don't we looked very silly?LOL.

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