Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Australia with Love

Hi all! Just came back couple days ago from Australia. I went to Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney was lovely. Melbourne was epic. I love Australia. I went there for attending my cousin wedding *so many wedding parties lately* in Sydney and also for visiting my bestfriend in Melbourne. I spent so much quality time with families and some new friends. But, there's always a time when holiday must over. So here I am again in Indonesia. Back to reality. My sister from The Sweet Escape has showed you some photos of our holidays *you are super fast sis*. And here I'm going to show you some other photos. Enjoy ^^.

                                                          "The suspicious tourists"
                                                            Ready for the city tour!
                                           The colourful house at Brighton Beach-Melbie
                                                The serenity landscape at Brighton Beach
 We were looking for hot summer but what we get was the cold one
Do not understand why my sister took this picture and she said she love it *me : straight face*

It was a sunny day and we need some lipbalm 
St. Kilda!
Yummy macaroons ^^
Automatic toilet *we don't have this in Indonesia*
A very BIG dog
My super skinny niece. Eat a lot kiddo, like your auntie
The iconic building of Sydney, Opera House
Coffee was really rescue us from jetlag
There are lots old buildings in Aussie and I lovin it!
Before trapped in a long long long journey...........................
................for these things. But I guess it was worth the taste
Pie in the Sky!!!
at Olinda
The view from my friend's apartemen
With Nick
The cute little one <3


  1. Australia is gorgeous! SO much to do there. Glad you ladies had a great time. Excellent pics! :)

  2. Wow...nice trip you got there!
    I wish I can go there (again) sometimes T_T
    you in black dress = gorgeous

  3. wowww i love every single photos in this post!! I LOOOVEEE YOUR BLOGG!! colorful photos ^^ come visit mine and follow me if u want ^^ will definitely folback :D

  4. OMG the long black dress it is so lovely!