Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Self Reflection

Looking back on 2011, it was an amazing year I had. So many special things happened. Thesis defend, graduation, making new friends, meeting old friends, travelling, laughs, and tears. I'm so grateful and thanking God for 2011. Reflecting myslef on 2011, I think I'm not a great daughter. I'm not a great sister. I'm not a great friend. This year I will do my best to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend. Be a better person. Do everything as best as I can. I just made a new year resolution that I hope I can achieve by the end of this year.What are yours? ^^

Well, I hope I can do all these resolutions! And I hope you all do too if you had new year resolution. Let us rock 2012! 


  1. Dear vanesa, what a great aim and resolutions.. I also have my list (still on goin n wont be published for i dont have my blogs to share).. Hahaha.. Here i give a super advice... The best one on your list is number 4... Guess why... There is a parameter written and determined that your objective is 'measurable'.. (able to cook AT LEAST 1 cuisine).. The 'measurable concept' could also be applied on othrs.. Just say.. "do more charity, AT LEAST ...times a month" or.. "hav a healthy lifestyle by eat more blablabla / do sport ...times a week.
    Anyw.. Just a super advice~

    Adiossss.. 2012, lets rockkkk

  2. Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us. They are wonderful. Good luck! I'm sure you will have a fantastic 2012.


  3. hi
    even though I don't know you right now but maybe I also could give some suggestion too
    1.be a better person = open heart and make more friends
    2.have a healthy life style = eat more greens and do some sports (tennis maybe?) at least 3 hours per week
    3.do more charity = blood donor? (beside you do your charity you can be more healthy too)
    4.can cook at least 1 cuisine = agree on above suggestion at least 1 cuisine per week?
    5.give thanks in all things = more to look down than up (maybe not many person as lucky and blessed like you) and give thanks to God
    6.do my best in everything I do = do as you do it for God
    7.never never never give up = keep trying and don't forget to pray
    8.make my dreams come true = dreams will keep us alive but by the way I don't know exactly what your dreams are...
    *by the way...nice white dress in early year...looks so pure and fresh
    wish you all the best :-)

  4. Your resolutions are beautiful! All of your dreams will come true Vanesa. Your inner spirit is beautiful.


  5. no problem :)
    good luck on your resolution