Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Hear The Wedding Bell Ring

Last Saturday, exactly on 7th January 2012, my beloved cousin, Yemima was on her Wedding Day! I'm really happy for you, cousin. Wedding party always be a special occasion for me. Whoever's wedding it was. Meeting all the relatives and old friends. Laughs, bright smile, surge of happiness, and happy tears always be an atmosphere at the Wedding.  But recently, being at the Wedding party give me a little insecurity. A lot of relatives ask "when will you get married?". Yes, it is because I'm on the age that proper for marriage. Sometimes I ask God, "Who will I get married to?", "When will I met him?", and "When I met him, how do I know if he's really the one?". 

At the Blessing Ceremony, my uncle; who is the pastor, give a very good speech about marriage. Our ancestors (Chinese people) were matchmaking with their husband or wife. They didn't know anything about their husband or wife candidate. They didn't know his or her face, body, appearance, attitude, or character. Now, we are given the freedom to choose our life partner. But why our ancestors have long lasting marriage, meanwhile we; who choose our own husband or wife, (a lot of them) ending their marriage with divorce? My wise uncle said that our ancestors believed that their mate was a gift from their parents, so they take care and guide their partner well. They appreciate what their parents give for them, because their parents know what the best for them. 

So, I do believe that life partner is a gift from God. And He knows when the right time for us to meet. Or maybe we have already met but we haven't realize. Everything is beautiful in His time. Now I just want to enjoy my life without being worried about this. Have a great day everyone ^^.


  1. These are just lovely photos. You have a beautiful family. Congrats to your cousin.

  2. So beautiful Vanessa! God will send you someone great. I love your pleated dress (1st pic) and you were gorgeous in the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony.

  3. you look so pretty!
    hope it was a great wedding! :)

  4. Everyone looks so beautiful! :) Best wished to the newly wed couple!

  5. Beautiful wedding :) You have a great blog! ^^

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