Friday, January 6, 2012

A Promise Breaker

Recently I'm hating myself for being a promise breaker. I made promises, but at the end I couldn't make it. Though I have a very reasonable and good reasons why I break the promises, but still I feel guilty about it. I really apologize to people whom being my victims. I definitely will redeem all the promises that I break.
By the way, what you guys doing lately? Last Wednesday my sister and I accompanied my mother for dress fitting in Jakarta. My cousin is getting married this Saturday! ^^. These are some photos that my sister and I took.

Fashion designer is a cool job! I wish I could be a fashion designer. Let's check : can't draw, can't sew, not creative enough. Goodbye dream job. LOL. Have a great weekend guys! And don't make a promise if you couldn't make it. I won't be a promise breaker anymore. Promise!


  1. we're all making mistakes in the past but let it be a learning for ourselves because after all nobody's perfect...right?

    by the way..I like the old sewing machine...its very classic and full of history I guess

  2. You girls are always so cute! BTW, Happy New Year! :)

  3. HAHAHA I wish I could be one too, but I can't do any of that stuff either. Your mom is so beautiful and I love her dress. I hate breaking promises too. Sometimes it happens. I'm sure not intentional. You will get back on track. :)