Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Pink Dress and A Pink Tea Pot

Hello all! Long time no see in this blogging world. I'm busy for....................Nothing. But I just can not find the right time for writing a post or doing a photo shoot. Don't know why. But this is a first outfit post for 2012! Yeaayyyy! Although I'm not satisfied with the photo shoot result. Not a good start in 2012. But I promise it will be better next time. This is a dress that I wore in my uncle birthday last week.

This tea pot is a toy that I got from my childhood. Still keeping it because I like it. So what's going on in your life lately? Really want to know =) Have a great day all. God bless you all. See you on the next better *I hope* post. ^^


  1. Your teapot is a cute memory =) and you look lovely in that romantic dress, so elegant <3
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  2. That is the cutest dress and purse! It looks so good on you Vanesa. You wear some adorable things. I have my mom's old tea set that she had as a child. I treasure it. Love your teapot.

  3. Hi Vanesa! I am greatly honored by your comment in my blog. I would be more happy to be your friend here. We could exchange message through e-mails mine is:

    Loves and Kisses to you. =D