Friday, February 10, 2012

Mind Your Own Business

   We act, other people react. That's the law of action and reaction. Now days people really want to know other people business that has no relation with them. Gossip. They just like to talk about other people. But actually they don't know the truth. Actually they don't know anything at all. They like gossiping about anything and anyone. Friends, people that they know, public figures. Anyone has possibility for being  a victim.
   With all technology development now, we have blackberry, facebook, twitter. We can write anything on it. Some people really open about their feeling. They are updating their status in every one minutes. Some people like to grump about anything. Some people like updating about their existence (where they are now). Some people like to count down, like : "20 days to go", and the other one day : "19 days" to go until : "the day!". Some people like writing acronym, even the one that not common. Some people are seller and updating their products. And some people just put an emoticon on their status. But some people choose to remain silent. Just blank on their status. 
   Once again, your action will provoke reaction. People who read your status will react. Some of them ask you directly about the truth. They really care about you and want to help you. Or maybe they just want to know about it. But the people who don't ask anything will make their own opinion. They make assumption. They make a story in their mind. They ADD something to the story. And they tell their friends about it. And their friends ADD another thing, and tell their sister about it, and it will be going on and on until everybody know. But only you who know the truth. 
   It is up to you of course to update or write anything you like. But I just give you a suggestion : think twice before you write it. It is really for your own good. Maybe you said that you don't care about other people opinion but the truth, we do care about it. So be careful my beloved bloggers =) Don't expose all your life. Express your feeling, your thoughts and your life, only for people who deserved to know it.

"My life, my choice, my problems, my lessons. Not your business, mind your own problems before you talk about mine" -Unknwon-


  1. I love your last phrase. "Only for people who deserved to know it."

    Dear, there are people who are really into this kind of things. That's why we should be careful on who to trust. A phrase I always bear in mind. Beware of the wolf in a sheep's clothing. =)

  2. Excellent advice. Nowadays, it is so easy to spread information, and very quickly too. We all need to check ourselves first.

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  3. Excellent! Everyone really needs to think about what they write and publish. I try to avoid posting when I'm sad, emotional, etc. It can really come back to you.

  4. good they said "your tongue is your sword"