Monday, July 15, 2013

Travel Diary : Yogyakarta Day 1

       This is my travel diary at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Let's start from day 1. Here we go.

So that was the first time I stepped my feet on the local station. Yes, I never traveled using train in Indonesia before. So, in the name of my selfish curiosity and adventure, we went to Yogyakarta by train. Surprisingly, there were lots of foreign tourist in my wagon. A group of Korean people and 2 French people. And another surprise, the train  is clean and quite comfortable. 7 and half hours sitting on the train. We ate, played, slept, enjoyed the scenery, chatted, slept, ate and so on until we finally arrived at Yogyakarta station on 2.30 PM. I barely can't feel my ass sticking on my body. But it was a new fun experience for me.

In front of the train

  Inside the train

Not everyday I can see these sceneries

And finally arrived as schedule at Tugu station

As we arrived, we were looking for taxi. And there was a taxi driver came to us. He asked where we stayed at. And he offered a very high price for near destination. But we saw the other taxi driver using the same uniform as the taxi driver who came to us. And he said it was the standard price. So we thought the other drivers will also give the same price. It was IDR 60000 for 10 minutes drive to the hotel. *sigh*

Let's forget about the taxi for a while *but it was not over yet, the story with amazing taxi drivers will be continue*. And this is our hotel : Ibis Style. It is a very nice hotel. They offer price start from IDR 645000 including breakfast.

Mpek Mpek Ny. Kamto

Vintage ice cream : Tip Top Ice Cream

After we unpack and get rest at the hotel, we went to the famous street on Yogyakarta : Malioboro. On that street there are lots of merchant and restaurant. Sweep away the street. And here we started our greedy culinary. First we ate mpek mpek. For you guys who don't know what kind of food is that, basically it is a fish with a spicy seasoning. It is delicious, you must try at least once if you visit Indonesia. Then we went to Tip Top ice cream. We went by taxi from Malioboro to tip top. They using meters but they asked minimum price IDR 20000 for the nearest place. *oh mannnnnnnnn* Tip top ice cream is delicious and the taste is also unique. Different from other ice creams.

Try to impersonate Raminten but such an epic fail

After that, as recommend from the taxi driver who drove us to tip top ice cream, we went to Raminten. It is a restaurant of course. *and we pay  IDR 20000 for the taxi* They sell nasi liwet, nasi kucing, and other traditional foods in very very low price! IDR 3000-6000. *3 nasi kucing big size = 1 taxi drive* This restaurant is very full, people queuing to get seated. Raminten, the person who own this restaurant is a man dressed like a woman. And he is very rich. What the parameter? Because he has pony. *and the pony stay inside the restaurant giving a-smell-that-you-won't-sniff-when-you-eat*. In Yogyakarta, only Sultan and Raminten who has pony. The Sultan also respect him.

                                            Night riding at Alun-alun Kidul

After Raminten, we wen to Alun-alun Kidul. Specially going there for riding this bright becak. Guess how much must we pay for taxi? IDR 30000 *explode*. The taxi driver said the meters is broken. But suddenly when we almost reach Alun Alun Kidul, he turn on the meters, until it show IDR 11000 then he turn off it again! We afraid if we angry to him, he will abandoned us in the dark silent street *chiken* .  But the riding was so fun that we quickly forgot about the taxi driver. And by the way we pay IDR 30000 for 1 turn, IDR 50000 for 2 turns. Later my friend said he offered IDR 4000 for riding that becak because there were nobody in that Alun Alun. *.........................*
After riding becak, we went to the Beringin trees in the center of Alun Alun Kidul. It is said if we can through between 2 Beringin trees, while we closing our eyes, our wishes will come true. My boyfriend try it. And he failed just like anybody else who tried it. They said if you don't have a pure heart you can not get pass the path between the 2 trees.
And then we went back to our hotel by untrusted old Zebra car but we safely arrived at Malioboro. We payed IDR 25000. *speechles*.  We ate at Malioboro mall and went back to our hotel.

Well, that was the first day in Yogyakarta. Wait for the next story on the next post! Good night people.


  1. gilaa taxinya nyaa mahal bangett nes.? bisa jalan kaki gw disana hahahhah, saking pelit nya..
    pengen akam mpek-mpek nya sama es nyaa ihhhhh *ngeces*

    hotelnya bagus deh nes, bersiih yaaa... hihiih

    1. iya na gelo taksi nya mahal pisan. meningan sewa mobil di sana. hahahaha. hotelnya enak dan bersih. cuma sarapannya galau kokinya, kadang enak kadang engga.

    2. wkakwkaw galau kokinyaa.. hahahhahha
      ala kadarnya mereun, bener si koki galao to the max.. hahaha
      kapan-kapan rencanain liburan bareenngg yukkkkkk