Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dream Catcher

The painting process

For the one who continuously reading my blog, you guys must know one of my new hobbies; painting and drawing. So it's all started when my friend, Ferlin Yoswara sent broadcast message on blackberry messenger. Saying that she opened the class of drawing for children and adults. I replied her broadcast message and said "I really want to be good at drawing". She said that I should joined her class. But I said I really really sucks at this thing. Ferlin said "you can learn, you can do it." So that encouragement word *and my very lot spare time because I half jobless* make me joined on her class. 

The final result : "Peek A Boo" (see this in reverse)

Most of the people make an excuse "i don't have talent" for not good at doing something. They like it  but they think they can't do it. Some people naturally good at something, but some people must work harder to be good at something. But if we like it, why not?  If you have a hobbies, passions, dreams; whatever it is, as long as that a positive things, you must pursue it. There is nothing to loose to learn something that you like. And remember, we never too old to learn something new. 

My other painting : "Sweet Things"

Maybe some of people think this drawing lesson is just for children, but once again I would like to say : age is not barrier. I still learning to be better. And I found that drawing and painting is really fun. And scientifically it help you to develop your right brain. 

"5 Balloons" 

Redraw from Mark Ryden : "Little Girl and Mr. Bear"

What is your passion? What is your dreams? Catch them. In your journey in making your dreams come true, there will come failure, there will come haters and people that saying that you can't. Don't let  those things make you down. If you feel like that you want to give up, remember that you have those people who not have faith in you and also haters to prove that they are wrong. Imagine how would it be if you can achieve your goals and your dreams. Failures are lesson that you learn on your journey. Failure will make you better in your next steps. And the most important thing : ora et labora. That means work and pray. You can't do this with your own strength. Ask God to guide and help you. So all of you, the dream catchers, make your dreams come true!

PS : You can visit Ferlin at and see her amazing arts! 


  1. Hi Vanesa ^^

    I just read your blog and feel amazed with all these art works wooowww so cool, adorable, cute and sweet ^^

  2. kunjungan balik^^

    aku suka yang 5 balon ituuu.. kamu dulu kuliah design ya?

  3. wooooooooooww!!!!!you have talent!!!!!!