Friday, March 2, 2012

Runaway Vacation

Sometimes we are tired, we are bored, and we want to runaway from our daily routine plus all the problems inside. So my sister and I ran to Singapore! A really great gate away and perfect escape place. Just 1 and half hours flight from Indonesia. Shopping, watching musical, taking pictures, playing at theme park, and of course : eating! Just don't want to come back to reality this soon. LOL. These are some photos from our short fun trip that I want to share with you. ^^. 

I really like Singapore. I hope I can come back as soon as possible. And one more thing, the Wicked Broadway Musical is so breathtaking! A must seen show. Sorry for inconsistent photo sizes. Technology  is not my friend  =) Now, back to life! 


  1. I loove singapore too. The shopping there is unbelievable! Food is sooo good too!

    xoxo champagne

  2. I like the Snoopy.....and his sister behind him.. :D

  3. really nice outfits :D singapore is really cool!

  4. I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
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