Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Loser Like Me

Have you ever felt that all you have done wrong? All have you done just a wasted of time? You mess up all things. People mocked you. They talk something bad behind your back. They call you a loser.
Misunderstood. Underestimated. Feel like a trash. Feel so useless. Wondering why were you born in this world. Sometimes I feel like that. And I just hate and keep blaming myself for the things that I did wrong. But then life give me this wisdom :  No matter what you've done; the good things or the bad things, people will always judge you. How ever good or bad we are, we will always have hatters. So, let the hatters give us a motivation to stand up and rise up! It's okay to make mistakes, because we learn from them. Successful people are not the ones who always right. Successful people are the ones who make mistakes but they doesn't give up. They learn from their mistakes.
Each one of us was born in this world for a good reason. God not create us to be a loser, but to be a winner. So find your calling in life and be a winner!


  1. funny pictures :D you look so great :)
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  2. well what can I say
    there will always good and bad, dark and light
    we do a mistake and people critics us and whatever how good we are and how best we can do there always people who jealous at us..right?
    mistakes are something we should learn from it..I agree
    critics are the motivation for us to be a better one and to be a stronger one..I also agree on that
    but I disagree when you're calling yourself a loser
    nobody born as a loser
    but maybe we just not yet realize how good we are and not yet find a way to be a champion
    just stand up and cheer up (like on 3rd photo) because everybody are special..including you
    God bless

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  4. cute:)

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  5. no.u are awesome...i know the feel as loser but at the end,I can be the winner..i believe it...btw really cute photos
    maybe we can fllw each other! <3

  6. I know how ur feeling now, but I still don't know ur " real " feeling, cuz u feel yourself. Yes, I have feel the same feeling like u. No, you're not trash, but them. They're all trashes. Why? They feel like, their fuck words are important, they mock, but they get nothing. Just like trashes, they're useless, before kind person changes and re-cycles them:D

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  7. Nice pics!
    I really like your blog dear, keep posting!

  8. I adore your tshirt! Lovely blog! I was wondering if you can visit mine, possibly visit each other? :)

    Mary x