Sunday, December 16, 2012


Alice in Wonderland always be my most favorite fairy tale. It's about a girl who came into a strange place called wonderland. I think in our daily and reality life, this story is like a person who leave their comfort zone. Come into totally a whole new world, meet unique and unexpected new people, experience new things that he or she has never been experienced before. 
Frankly speaking, it is, indeed difficult to leave our comfort zone. A lot of people feel so secure and comfortable in their own comfort zone. They make limitations and barriers, stay in that place and refuse to come out. They're too scare to take risks. But like wise man said, "life begins at the end of your comfort zone". 
So, let us be like Alice. Dare to fall, deep deep down into the rabbit hole. Turn into a big size and small size. Get an advice from the caterpillar. Talking to cheshire cat. Have a cup of tea to celebrate unbirthday party with the mad hat. And playing golf with queen heart. 
Let's step out from our comfort zone. Be dare, be brave. Tell to yourself that you can do it. Whatever it is. Your dreams, your visions, your goals. Don't give up and rise again when you fall. Let see the world with our bare eyes. Let's finding our wonderland. 

Notes : These illustrations were drawn by Kei Acedera. She is very very talented. I love all her works. You can check it on


  1. i really love the illustrations and i also love anything you wrote here, totally inspiring <3

  2. wow, i just knew that Alice in the wonderland story's meaning from you :) so true, we must be dare, be brave