Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hi guys! Sorry for being disappeared for about one month. Sorry blog, I neglected you *again* =( But here I'm, still alive. And will surely start blogging again. Cheers me up, please! 
So many things happened in November : Grandma's 88th birthday, my little sister birthday, many weddings to attend, sickness because of this bad weather, church meetings, Christmas rehearsal, Korean course, etc, etc. Plus my bad habits : laziness to open the blog. Really really sorry one more time. Wait my next post fellas! Anyway, Welcome December!!! Times really fly. Hope you all have a great month ahead! Christmas around the corner =) Happy weekend!


  1. Awww.. lucu Nes!
    Cute and cantik (:
    Iyaa.. aku doakan yaa Nes.. kalo kesini jangan lupa kontek2 yaa Nes, ntar aku bawa makan yang enak2, hehe..
    Miss ya, xoxo.

  2. super cute ><

  3. Awww. Welcome back! So many things happening in your life and it's fair enough to unplug yourself from the blogging community. =)