Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey, Soul Sister!

Happy Birthday, little sister! You are such an amazing sister, amazing friend, amazing partner in crime, amazing map, amazing photos mate and editor. We have been through all things together and sharing almost everything *but let's don't share any boyfriend, toothbrush, towel, and underwear*.  We go anywhere together, we lost in absolutely strange place together, we do everything together.  And I enjoyed also will enjoy every freaking seconds that we have spent and will spend together. 
You have totally changed since I saw you for the first time. You have been bigger and taller of course since you were a baby. And you have changed to be more open, crazier, and little more funny now.  Sometimes I envy you, you know. You always be the smarter, you always cool in every situation, you have very good taste of fashion *sometimes shocking, also*. But I never want to compete with you. And in the end, I just so proud of you. =) 
I hope this year you can make all your dreams come true. Be happy and healthy always. Get a boyfriend as soon as possible *what happen with our romance*. May God use you more to be blessing for others. Never ever stop serve Him with all talents that you have. Don't be so "lemot" and moody anymore. LOL.
I hope we can continue this kind sisterhood-relationship until we grow old as grandmothers. I'm sorry if I made any mistakes or hurt you. Love you always, my soul sister <3

Your big sister ^^.


  1. Love you too, sissy
    Let's be sisters til death do us apart :)


  2. and all these time i thought stevia is the older sister ! :P

  3. Ah, this is the sweetest! Stevia is beautiful! Reminds me a lot of my sister and I :)

  4. Fun pics!

  5. you two all are cute <3! xx