Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Letter To Myself

Dear me,

God give this beautiful life to you. But sometimes people make it so harsh. Maybe they accidentally did that. Or they really didn't mean to do that. Just forgive them. Don't ever regretting people that came into your life. Those people who touched you heart with their tenderness and kindness, also those people who hurt you and treat you badly. God sent them to form and shape you into who you are. You are a better person now because of them. 
Throw away all the negativities in your mind. Maybe some people underestimate you. Maybe they say that "you can't do this", "you can't do that". Rather than trust them, trust me. Because you can do all things as long as you count on God. Trust yourself. Because if you're not, who else will?
Remember, whatever happens, just give your best attitude and gratitude. Don't be afraid. Keep moving. Keep walking. You have God. And definitely, undoubtedly, you have me. We'll just be fine.  =)


  1. nothing is impossible with God
    keep the spirit

  2. hello!
    nice blog anyway :)


  3. Hello :)
    Finally i can post comments!

  4. You are beautiful. Just found the blog and am absolutely addicted.

    The photography is lovely. Great work