Friday, June 29, 2012

Holiday in The Rain and The Sun

How are you doing guys! I just came back from Hongkong on Monday. The weather in HK was so unpredictable. Sometimes the sun came out brightly but sometimes we were wet in the rain! The smart thing I did in the holiday was : Brought the wrong charger for my camera! And the battery was running out. Fortunately two of our friends also brought cameras! *Thank God*. We took pictures using their cameras. But they haven't uploaded the photos yet. So here are some pictures that taken using mobile phones. I will post more photos as soon as I get the pictures from my friends. Enjoy!


  1. Yay lotsss of holiday pictures! I am so glad you guys had a great time in Hongkong. anyway about the weather, yes summer weather here is unpredictable, but always bring your umbreall because it will be raining without any command :P

    Anyway, back to your post, I love the disneyland pictures! Look so fun! And cute PANDA there <3 visit Guangzhou someday with Steviaaa, 2 hours from HK :D

    Be blessed!

  2. you're girls are so lucky
    can't wait for more photos

  3. Trips are best when you are with your friends. Lovely pictures dear. =)