Saturday, June 9, 2012


When we are on the lowest point of our life, there are some people who always stay with us. Family and friends. They're really the best. Maybe they really don't understand my problems, even maybe they don't know anything at all; but I feel that their presence is enough for me. They bring me back my happiness that has disappeared, like a long time ago.  My mom, dad, grandma, and sisters. My best friends that I can't mention one by one. And surprisingly, encouragement also came from the people that I just met, the people that not too close with me, and the people that even I haven't met before. So I would like to say thank you for my new friends who lend me your sweet smiles. So now I can have my own smile. And all the bloggers who also give me support through your comments in my blog. I really appreciate it =)
You guys like a candle that illuminate me. Help me find the exit door from the room that really dark. Warming me in my coldest night with your light. Give me lot of reasons to laugh again. I believe that God sent all of you for me.  I don't know how to return your kindness. All I can do is just say thankyou ^^. I feel so blessed, lucky, and alive. 


  1. uber cutee!! mau aku cubit. dan kucuri semua barang-barangmu hehe

  2. Hi Nesa cantik, I just gave you an Award (:
    You deserve it. Go check it out!

  3. ur attire looks good on you! So cute ;-)

  4. Dear sweetie, I am glad when you are smiling. Just remember Sule and
    Andre's song : Smile, you don't cry. Wish you a great weekend.

  5. sorry if my comments maybe bothering you lately
    no intention to make you disturb or sad
    and maybe my comment means nothing to you
    but truly all of it just to encourage and (I hope it could) make you smile and happy
    so cheer up, keep the spirit and keep smiling
    always thankful to God ;)

  6. Such a sweet post. It's such a blessing to have a tight knit group of family and friends surrounding you and bringing a little sunshine in during the tough moments in life... I do agree:) You look beautiful Vanesa! That purse is such a darling piece.

  7. Your style is so cute! You are such an amazing girl :D

  8. You look cute in this post kak :)

  9. aww I adore your little vintage suitcase :)