Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mini Trip to Lembang-Ciater

Welcome drink at Floating Market Lembang

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to go little bit far from city. We bored with anything related to mall and cafe. So we went to Floating Market at Lembang and steep our self with sulfur water at Gracia Spa and Resort at Ciater. Lembang and Ciater not too far from Bandung.

The floating market area is so wide. The entrance ticket is IDR 10000. There are some restaurants, but my favorite spot is where they sell the food on the boat. They sell I think almost all kind of food, especially traditional food such as mie jowo, lotek, rujak, kupat tahu, etc. The food price is between IDR 10000-30000. Me and my boyfriend ate pisang keju coklat (banana with cheese and chocolate) , kupat tahu (tofu with traditional seasoning), and potato twist. The foods are so yummy. We can ridding canoe or boat. And also we can fishing here! The air is so fresh and cool. Good place to take picture.  Love this place! Recommended to visit. 

Potato Twist

Pisang Coklat Keju

Kupat Tahu

After that we went to Gracia Spa Resort at Ciater. The entrance ticket is IDR 45000 for adult and IDR 35000 for children. The water is not too hot and it contain sulfur which is good for skin. The place is quite nice and clean.

And finally at the end of our mini trip that day we ate at Brebes. They specialty is chicken. The taste is so damn good.

Our early dinner

And also this : Ketan Bakar

That was a simple trip but the most important thing is not the place, but the person who you be with when you do the trip. That what make a journey meaningful and priceless. That's it for today. Bye bye and see you again on the next post.

Have a good day you all good people


  1. I like your pictures and you look great in these pictures. Want to follow each other? Let me know.

  2. aww romantic trip! I heard before about the floating market, maybe I should visit someday. Suka sama foto berduanya, lovely! <3


  3. mau potato twist nya lhaaaaaaa #ngiler
    harusnya ajak aku kn bisa jadi fotografer ga usah pake fisheye lens.. hahahahaha

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. pics of food are magic =p