Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life is A Choice

Everyday in our life, we are confronted with choices. As a human, sometimes we ask God, not uncommon to also ask ourselves, whether the choice that we took was right or wrong. Many times we wish that we knew then what we know now. So we can decide which choice must we took. The choices that we took, establish our tomorrow. The world has not invited time machine yet, so there is no way to come back to the past and change the future. Maybe you are afraid and confuse to choose. But it's better to have some choices than not have choice at all, right?  Of course you must think deeply and be careful before you deciding something. But every choice has its own risk. So don't be afraid to choose. All the choice, the right one or the wrong one, make you learn and make you become a better person. 


  1. every choose we take reflecting our inner self. Don't regret any choices you make, coz life keep goes on and on. Be cheerful! (:
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