Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sometimes unexpected and unfortunate things can be happen in one day. Whether you are good people or bad people. Yes, bad things also happen to good people. One bad day that you will never forget. Well, that was happen to me a couple weeks ago. The day when my blackberry lost and taken, the day when I bought a coke and overflow all over the car seat, the same day when I hit my own head to speaker and bleeding. I really felt dizzy and so tired, I just wanted to go home, but my driver so late to pick me up. That day, I could be mad, grumble, and complain. But guess what? I was chill and calm that day. My blackberry was lost, but I still have another one (my dad just let me bought it a few days before). The coke made the car dirty but at least the coke didn't make any serious harm to the car. I was bleeding and dizzy but thanks God I didn't need to be hospitalized or had brain concussion. 

The most important thing is our response to the situation. There's no return to feel angry or to take a pity for yourself. What you can do is see the bright and positive side of the situation. You are not the most unlucky person in this world. I definitely forgive the person who took my blackberry. Remain grateful for whatever happen in our life. Have a great night everyone ^^.


  1. thank you for your kind comment! I'm following you too now, nice photos and love your style!

  2. there's always a blessing in disguise on everything that happens in our life
    looks cute as always :)

  3. So very true! It's hard not to get upset when unfortunate things like that happen...I felt like most of my year in 2011 was kind of like a series of unfortunate events, so I can definitely relate. Seeing the good and growing from each situation is the best outlook always...and yes staying calm:)

    You looks so lovely! That little lace collar and those red shoes are darling:) Wishing you a very happy week! xx Marisa

  4. What you react will be the effect of the situation. You are so right. Keep being positive my dear. Like my blog says. Every cloud has a silver lining. God bless to you dear. You're awesome like your sister. =)

  5. lovely outfit♥♥
    I'm inggrid, who follow you on twitter. My twitter @inggridmn :)
    I'm already mention you, kak!

    Nice blog, btw!

    Wanna follow each other sweetie?

    Have a nice day!

  6. I love love love your sunglasses and that shirt is adorable. You look great!

  7. Happy birthday! Saw you had a blog from your sister. You look lovely and I do hope you enjoy your day!

  8. ^.^ The outfit looks very cute, I like the red glasses and shoes in combination with dak blue and white :3

  9. I love your style, kak Vanessa!

  10. Sorry about your bad day. Love those glasses!

  11. Cantik nes, kacamatanya cute banget,
    lipstiknya jg bagus, love it!
    Miss youuu,,