Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Pic of Myself with 10 Facts

10 Facts About Me :
1. My name is Vanesa Indrawan. I'm Indonesian. And by the way, today is the Independence Day of Indonesia. So, Happy birthday Indonesia!
2. Love chocholate, rainbow, and books.
3. Hate darkness, insects, and horor movies.
4. Not so good at public speaking.
5. An omnivor.ROAR! Capable of eating anything, as long as that thing is a food.
6. The normal-est person on the earth.
7. Really like give anything to anyone. The smile in their face when their receive the gift, that can not be replace by anything.
8. Can not play any music instrument.Wait. I can play recoreder.That's counted,right?
9. Falling in love with history, like a little girl loves bedtimes story!
10. Really sleepy and can not think my 10th fact. Good night world,have a nice dream.

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