Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are unique.We are special.That makes us beautiful.

I'm really crazy about america's next top model! Beside the photo shoot, the catwalk, and the fashion world, there is something else that I learn from this reality show.
Many people think that a model should be thin, tall, white, and beautiful. And that thought were in my mind too. But, thank you so much to Tyra Banks that prove that thought is so totally wrong!
America's next top model accept transgender, lesbian, burn survivor, plus size, petite - and else that will never cross your mind.  Maybe when you see some finalists you will say "Has Tyra lost her mind?"

 Isis- The Gorgeous Transgender

  Thalia - The Burnt Survivor

Fo - The frackles face

Nicole - The Petite Model

Toccara- The Hot Plus Size

"I'm big, black, beautiful and lovin it" (Toccara)

   Alison - The Big Eyes

When you said "What a square face that I have" - Tyra called it cheek bone. When you said "I'm fat!"- Tyra called it sexy and curvy. America's next top model has expanded my eyes and my mind about the definition of beauty. Thankyou Tyra Banks, for remind me that I'm beautiful (because i'm surrounded by my beautiful friends so it's difficult to feel beautiful sometimes).
For all women out there :Remember, God create every women beautiful. Stop comparing ourself with others. You are beautiful,you are different, you are unique, you are special.

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